Thankful Thursday: August 30th

It’s Thursday! I almost missed doing my weekly post for the second week in a row. Almost. Last week I was in Charleston on vacation, enjoying some R&R with no computer. It was a delight. Actually…that’s my first item on the list!

1. Vacation. One week at the beach with the fam, in a beautiful home, and in Charleston, no less. It’s only my favorite city in America. We got to visit the only tea plantation in North America (Charleston Tea Plantation, if you are interested). So fun, and beautiful!!

Charleston Tea Plantation!











2. Huddles Fro-yo. Last night was my Goodbye Indy party, and it was delightful. Not only was the fro-yo just as delicious as always (I got seconds, since it was my last time), getting to see so many dear people one last time made it that much sweeter. So blessed by these friends, and I will miss them!

3. Wedding festivities! Lauren and Jesse are getting married tomorrow, and I am so thankful and excited to get to serve them as their day-of coordinator. Let the fun begin!

Me and lovely Lauren!













4. My parents. In the midst of wedding festivities, the moving chaos has continued, and today was load-the-truck day! My dad used his fabulous packing skills to load the truck better than any professional, and then they cleaned my entire apartment so I could go enjoy Lauren and Jesse’s rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. So thankful for them!

5. My apartment. I went by tonight on my way back to the hotel to say goodbye, and just spent some time thanking the Lord for His gift of that little home. I was remembering the first time I walked in the door in February 2010 it felt like Christmas. I could not believe that I got to live there! And it felt like Christmas every morning I woke up in that apartment. It has been a place of refuge, a haven, a place of community and joy and laughter, my first home-on-my-own, and I loved it. I am going to miss my patio, and the lake, and my neighbor, and my cave bedroom, and my kitchen, and everything else about it.

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