Moving Week

Moving week is always an adventure. The only place left to sit down in my entire apartment is my bed. And tomorrow morning, that will be taken apart as well, and we will be down to the floor. Good thing the moving van comes on Thursday. Almost everything is packed away in a box, with its clear label of where it is heading. More items keep appearing that need to go to Goodwill – trip #4 will happen tomorrow! I forgot to take my microwave on trip #3 today, necessitating the beginnings of a 4th trip pile. So far we have primed the office, living room, dining room and kitchen, saving only my bedroom for tomorrow. Every hole has been spackled, cabinets have been emptied, closets almost there. The final things left to pack are a mirror, and a couple pieces of artwork, which is good, since my only remaining boxes are mirror boxes. Anything left over is going to Goodwill, Gaby or the trash can outside.

Emptying out the fridge is always the trickiest part of moving. Meals end up being an interesting array of whatever is left, and then there are always those stragglers that you just don’t really know what to do with. Like blueberry ice cream topping, or a giant bottle of ketchup. It’s not like I am going to eat 20 hotdogs for dinner. I don’t even have buns! Or hot dogs, for that matter.

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