Thankful Thursday: August 16th

Another week with much to be thankful for! Here’s this weeks top 5:

1. Ministry Partners. I am humbled and amazed at the faithful encouragement, prayer, generosity and love that comes from the group of people I get to do ministry with! So thankful for each one, and the beautiful joy they are in my life!

2. Co-workers. Love the people in the regional office. It has been a privilege and a blessing to work together with them the past 2.5 years! They are so fun, genuine, lovable, fantastic and gracious. If you are called to work at an office, I suggest working at this one. It’s pretty great, and I am going to miss all of these people a lot.

Great Lakes Regional Office co-workers! Love all of you!











3. Practical Jokes. I pulled one off today on Greg, one of the guys at my office. It went better than I could have dreamed. Perfect way to end my last day working here. All I will say is that it involved all of my old prosthetic eyes, a jewelry box, and a note to let him know I would be keeping my “eye” on him after I leave. Epic. #winning!

4. Wendy’s. My fridge is getting woefully empty (which is good), and I was so tired tonight after packing and spackling and working. Thankful for close, delicious, not-good-for-you food. And time with Jenni. Love.

5. Family Vacation!! Heading home tomorrow and then down to Charleston for the week. So. Excited. Favorite city in the US, here I come! And time with the family for a whole week is a pretty sweet deal on top of that. Fantastic!

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