Thankful Sunday: July 22nd

Last Thursday was an action-packed last day in Salzburg, and then Friday we were traveling all day, and then yesterday I pretty much slept and went to the grocery store. So, now it is Sunday, and I am finally getting around to posting my thankful list. Haha. Enjoy!

1. Sleep, and Melatonin. For those of you who know me well, you know my utter inability to sleep in past about 9am. Just can’t do it. My brain wakes up, and I just go until I fall asleep again that night. Well, all of that changed on Saturday, thanks to my good friend Melatonin (coupled with sheer exhaustion). I arrived home from Summer Project at 12:30am after traveling for more than 24 hours (body clock time) completely and utterly spent. I collapsed into my bed, and then true to form, woke up a mere three hours later at 4:00 in the morning, brain awake and ready to go, telling me that it was actually 10:00. I said no way, Jose’, took a melatonin, and slept 9 more hours until 1:30 PM. You know the saying “I feel like a new person”? I think the Lord literally revived and rejuvenated me into a new person during those 12 glorious hours of sleep. So thankful that He created us to need rest, and gives us the time and space to take it.

2. Summer Project! In 4.5 weeks on campus, our team initiated 493 conversations, and shared the gospel 98 times! In addition to being on campus, we had a lot of fun getting to know the city, and each other. I love our group so much, and am thankful for each person the Lord brought to Berlin this summer!

3. Celebration. One of the main themes of my summer was learning to celebrate what God was doing – the big and little things. I love that the Gospel-centered life is not one of drudgery and performance, but joyful freedom to serve and follow Jesus. I love that even in the hard times, we can still celebrate God at work in our life and the lives of others. Praise Him!

4. Alone time. I knew I wouldn’t get much of that this summer, and I am thankful that the past few days have afforded me a bunch to catch up. šŸ™‚

5. New friends! Our team developed some sweet community while on project, and I am thankful for the way the Lord is using each of them in my life. No matter where we go in the future, we will always have Berlin Summer Project 2012 to tie us together!

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