Thankful Thursday: June 28th (a day late)

I was on my computer several times yesterday, and each time forgot to do my weekly post!

Thankful this week for these 5 things:

1. Summer arriving in Berlin. The past week has been rainy and cold, and just generally dreary. It affected my mood, and the moods of many people on the team – especially having to walk everywhere! But, we were thankful for the rain, and now we are thankful for the sunshine reappearing and making it feel like summer again.

2. Free time/Alone time. After living alone for the past two and a half years, it is quite an adjustment to have roommates and teammates around constantly! Super fun, and I love it, but I have also enjoyed having free time to be alone and recharge my soul.

3.  Conflict. It is so true that conflict deepens community when handled well, and I am thankful for the things going on that are drawing our group closer together as we work through them!

4. Football (Soccer, to most of you)! I love how much Europe loves soccer, and the enthusiasm and spirit surrounding the Euro Cup the past few weeks. It has been great fun being in town for another Cup, even though Germany lost last night. It amazes me how much pride and patriotism there is during the games – flags on cars and in windows, food and clothes in the colors of the flag, etc. Today though after Germany was out of the game, all of the outward trappings were gone, hidden away until the next tournament.

5. Skype/HeyTell/WhatsApp/Etc. Thankful that when I am here, my parents are in Budapest and on a river cruise, family and friends are back in the states, we can still stay connected! Hooray!


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