Home Sweet Hostel

I think it’s time you know about where we are staying. By the way, I was going to be in bed 17 minutes ago, and that plan obviously failed. But I really wanted to write this post, so just know that it might be short.

The Amstel House Hostel is, in one word from each of our team: unique, teeny-boppers, rowdy, colorful, not-home, hip, loud, energetic, smelly, yellow, different, smoky, chaotic, classy, hostel, home, and a happenin’-place.

In the past 2.5 weeks that we have been here, over 5 groups of 100-150 people each have cycled through, as well as a myriad of smaller groups, with many more to come in the next few weeks. With over 400 beds (that have very thin mattresses), it can get a little crazy up in here. But, even amidst all the craziness, we are super thankful to be here. This is the same hostel we have been using for the past 6 summers of Projects, and our teams have built a great relationship with the staff here. They are so kind and accommodating, and have even given us some coupons for free laundry! Our hope is that we will continue to build relationships with the staff and be able to share the gospel with them while we are here.

We are living in dorm style rooms with bunk beds and hall baths. Most of us are up on the 5th floor, but a few are downstairs. Let me just tell you, it is quite a workout going up and down. All of the student girls are in a room together, and all of the guys are in a room together downstairs. Sara and I are sharing a cute little room at the very end of one of the hallways, which tends to be quieter. Sadly, Andy and Mark got the room that is right on the main hall, and for several hours at night it sounds like a herd of Elephants are traipsing their way through the hostel. Jim and Joelle have been in a bunk-bed room since we got here, but tomorrow morning they get to move downstairs to the only room in the hostel with twin beds! Hooray for them not having to sleep in bunks anymore!

One unique aspect of this hostel is that every day we have the opportunity to hang out with people from all over the world, especially while watching the Euro Cup games down in the lobby. For example, when Italy played England on Sunday night, there were people here from both places, yelling and cheering for their respective teams. Tonight Portugal and Spain are playing, and again, the lobby is full of people from both countries, watching in agony as the game goes into overtime (and I am assuming into Penalty Kicks, as the last one did). It is fun getting to see their enthusiasm and joy (or sorrow), and makes it feel so much more authentic. Germany plays tomorrow, and the whole city is going to go nuts.

We’re excited. Very excited. Goooooo Deutschland!!!!!!

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