Oh culture

Today was interesting. Also fun, but several cultural moments that left us laughing until our stomachs hurt.

First. Me, Nicole, Kevin and Jeremiah went to the “Bunte Schokowelt” Ritter Sport Museum. We were having a grand old time walking around, seeing how they make all of that delicious chocolate that we love so much, and talking about making our very own variety of Ritter Sport Chocolate. We walked up to one of those walls with the holes for the heads – you know, the ones where you stick your head through to make the person. I asked someone to take our picture, and could not figure out why she was laughing at us the whole time. We continued to walk around a bit, and then suddenly looked up and realized that we had taken our picture looking through the holes the wrong direction. Hahahahahaha. Epic fail. It was all so clear now. So, we asked someone else to take our picture, and the second one turned out much better. Although it is confusing, as you can see, that there are people on both sides of the wall….


This is NOT how you are supposed to take the picture. Notice that the faces of the people are showing….











THIS is what is is supposed to look like. 🙂 Much better.











Second. Oh, I so wish that I had a video of this one. Sadly, I don’t even have a picture. We took the whole project out to Baraka (favorite restaurant in the whole world, maybe) for Family Dinner, which required a train change. We made it there just fine, got to the restaurant and enjoyed a delightful dinner of delectable Egyptian food. We were on our way home though, being our usual loud selves on the U-bahn. Suddenly, someone stood up at a stop and said “this is it – everybody off!”. So we started to get off, and suddenly realized we were at the wrong stop, so I yelled at everyone to get back on the train. There was this chaotic moment of people turing mid-disembark to get back on, lots of yelling, laughing and general mayhem. Once we were all back on, we just sat there laughing while the rest of the people in our car stared at us like we were crazy. Which, we just might be. Ah, so fun.


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