One of the highlights of being back in Berlin is getting to see what God has been up to here the past 5 years and how the ministry has grown. I was reflecting today on how many of our prayers from 2007-2009 are being answered now. There is a steady, consistent bible study going on, there are students who have grasped the vision and are learning to share their faith, outreach and service are happening on a regular basis, one Saturday a month all of the students in the city get together to talk about their walk with Jesus and how to best reach the city with the gospel, and even more!

It is crazy to think that 5 years ago our team of 6 people arrived in a city that had no Campus für Christus ministry whatsoever – no students, no long term staff, no anything – and now there is a huge STINT team, 4 long term staff, and a collection of students who are excited to associate with Campus and be a part of reaching Berlin. It is so encouraging, and makes those two hard years of pioneering ministry and sowing seeds completely worth it.

Another fun thing was hearing from Hannah, one of the STINTers last Monday. She was sharing with our group why she had come to Berlin for the past year, and she was talking about how she had been on Summer Project in 2009, and had come over to my apartment and had a long conversation with me and Tomi that prompted her decision to come on STINT this year! I honestly had forgotten about that conversation until she mentioned it, but it was so special to hear about one small way the Lord used our STINT team to set up future laborers for this city. So cool.

There is a legacy in this city that began all the way back in the 60’s and 70’s, and I love that the Lord gave me the privilege of being a small part of the story that He is weaving in this nation and people. It is a story that will continue for the coming years, and no matter where the Lord takes me, I will always love hearing what He is up to in Berlin.


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