Berlin week 1

There are so many emotions I am experiencing as I am back in Berlin. Excitement about seeing dear friends whom I love and have missed greatly for the past two years. Confusion at the things that have changed or are different from when I was here. Joy when I randomly run into people I know in the city (believe it or not, this has already happened 4 times in one week!!). Relief that my German hasn’t gone completely down the tubes and I can still communicate with people. Happiness to be eating at so many of my favorite restaurants, which each come with memories of people I love. Gladness that I still remember (mostly) how to get places. Encouraged that the ministry has grown so much and is doing well. Anticipation to see God move as our students and myself step out in faith and boldly share the gospel on campus as we get to know German University students. Love for my team, for the Lord, and for this nation and the lost here who need to know Jesus.

Our students on this project are awesome. We had our first official day of sharing on campus yesterday, and they were so bold! They did a great job initiating conversations and sharing their faith. For many of them this was their first time ever doing something like this! Although some of them were nervous going into it, we have spent a lot of time over the past few days talking about God’s heart for the world, and truths of scripture that encourage and strengthen us when we get tired or nervous. It is such a beautiful picture of grace and community that we can be there for one another to speak truth to each other and pick each other up when we fall. That will be so important for us as we are continuing on over the next 4 weeks.

One of the many reasons we have Summer Projects is to help students see the need for long-time workers, and our hope is that God will raise up some future STINTers (one to two year overseas interns with Cru) from this team to come back to Berlin. The current STINT team has been such a blessing to us so far – we have gotten to spend some time with them on campus and hearing from them during our morning meetings at the hostel, and we have enjoyed listening as they share so many ways God is moving in this city. Keep praying for us as we continue!

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