In Berlin

We made it! Our team arrived in Berlin on Wednesday morning at 9:30am. No lost people, luggage or time – we made all of our flights, even with only having 20 minutes in Frankfurt to go through Passport control and get to our new gate. Our first few days have been filled with lots of time getting to know the city and the history of Berlin. On Wednesday afternoon (in hopes of keeping everyone awake all day to help adjust to our new time zone), small groups set out on an Amazing Race – Berlin style. The groups were tasked with learning the transportation system and finding some of the major landmarks of the city. Each group did the race in record time, and for the most part everyone managed to stay awake!

We have been learning a lot more about the German culture and history of the city, and the students are starting to get excited to start on campus on Monday. Today we visited the Freie University, and it was like coming home. Well, my whole experience has been like coming home. Everything is so familiar and comfortable, and in many ways it feels like I never left! Looking forward to the summer, but for now bed is calling my name!! Thanks for your prayers!

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