Berlin, Berlin, Wir fahren nach Berlin!

Well, briefing is over, and we are on the way to the airport! 6 staff and 11 students (fully funded!), ready to step out in faith and see what God does over the next 6 weeks in the city of Berlin! The last two days have been full of bonding together as a team, talking through our four themes for the summer – Love the Lord, Love our team, Launch movements and Learn a new world – learning about healthy conflict resolution and sharing what we hope the Lord does in and through us this summer as we minister to students.

The team!












Back Row: Jeremiah, Matt, Andy, Mark, Brock, Jim, Taylor, Kevin

Front Row: Me, Nicole, Joelle, Brenda, Layne, Alyssa, Sara, Lindsay, Miette


Some prayer requests:

– Smooth flight over – no cancelations or delays, no fears for our first time flyers!

– Rest on the plane

– For God to be glorified through us as we travel for the next 18 hours together, that we would speak with love and grace, be patient and caring towards one another

– That God would continue to prepare the hearts of the people we are going to talk to

– For boldness and courage as we begin this great adventure!

Thanks friends! I’ll be back with another update on the other side of the ocean. 🙂


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