Thankful Thursday: June 7th

5 things on this Thursday….

1. My parents! They celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary yesterday, and their marriage is just as strong as ever, if not stronger. They kicked us kids out of the nest and then the real party started. 😉 Just kidding, sort of. But seriously, they are such a great picture of what marriage is supposed to look like – Christ centered, fun, strong, faithful, generous, a picture of Christ and the church for a broken world. So thankful for them, and the legacy they are leaving.

2. Community. I was having a pretty rotten day on Tuesday, and the Lord surrounded me with people who encouraged me, prayed with and for me, and gave me strength to face the day.

3. Hearthstone Coffeehouse and Pub. I love that it isn’t Starbucks, but just as awesome, if not better. The Chai Latte at Hearthstone is worth drinking caffeine, and that is saying a lot for me, because very little is worth what caffeine does to me.

4. Digital notepads. If I was forced to remember everything that needs to get done in the next three days before leaving the country for six weeks, something major would fall through the cracks or get left behind. But now I can have a “to-do”, “to-get”, “to pack” and “to print” list right at my fingertips at all times.

5. Prep time. In addition to the digital notepads, I am thankful that I have time to adequately prepare for my trip to Berlin, without having to be in the office full time as well. Thankful for a job where they rank our relationship with Christ and our sanity above working for the sake of working.


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