Thankful Thursday: May 10th

Another week come and gone, and as always there is still more for which to be thankful….

1. Beauty in my garden. This is the first bloom on my rosebush, and now the bush is so laden with beautiful blossoms that it is almost laying over on the ground. God’s creation constantly leaves me speechless.












2. Accountability. Thankful for my dear friends who encourage me to stay strong, finish well and press on to the finish!

3. Rocking chairs. My back patio holds two lovely ones, and now that the weather is getting nice I am enjoying evenings out back looking over the lake.

4. Outreach. On Monday we hosted a complex-wide BBQ for all our neighboring offices, and had over 30 people join us for hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings! We had some great conversations, and enjoyed the chance to serve lunch and get to know some of the people who work right next to us.











5. Time. We leave for Berlin a month from today, and I am thankful that after Friday I will be able to direct the majority of my focus to the planning and preparation needed to get everything done before we go.


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