Thankful Thursday: April 18th

It has been a crazy, exhausting, awesome week, and as I look back I am thankful for these 5 things:

1. Finishing up another conference season…today marks the end of our last conference until August! I am thankful for my team, for the way we have worked well together this year, and for being able to serve ‘behind the scenes’ making conferences and events run smoothly for our region. It’s been a great experience! I am looking forward to turning my attention fully towards Berlin Summer Project now, and finalizing all the many details that need to happen in just a few weeks.










2. For the new Franklin baby that will be joining our family this November!!! Let me just tell you, this is going to be one well-loved child. I am SO excited about being an aunt (you can call me Auntie Em) and getting to love on and spoil my niece/nephew!! The sonogram photo is the front screen on my phone, and it makes me smile every time I see it. Can’t wait to meet this baby!!!

3. Hearing our AIA students speak the gospel with boldness and clarity. I love hearing what God is doing and has done in the lives of the athletes at Butler, and getting to be a small part of their journey! We heard from our three graduating Seniors tonight, and they did a fabulous job giving encouragement, casting vision and challenging the younger students to stay strong and finish well. I am going to miss Erika, Ross and Mallory a lot!

4. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with carmel frosting. How can something be so delicious?

5. My patio/garden area/flowers! I planted a new batch of wildflowers today in front of my A/C unit, and am praying they grow as well as they did last year. We shall see. I didn’t have my handy-dandy dad here this time to help, but I did call him for assistance. The rest of my garden is to the point where it doesn’t need much help, for which I am thankful. I can’t do high-maintenance plants. They will all end up dead.


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