Thankful Thursday: March 29th

Sunny day, spring weather….thankful for these 5 things!

1. Modern technology. In an all-day meeting to learn more about doing operations for the Berlin Summer Project. I. Love. Excel. Makes my job soooo much easier. I also love the guy who developed the spreadsheet to make it so simple. If I can understand what I am doing, anybody can do this job.

2. Sleep. Haven’t slept well in the last few months, but lately have been getting to bed at a reasonable time and sleeping all the way through the night, waking up to my alarm and well-rested.

3. Good weather. Loving being able to exercise outside again! God’s creation is awesome.

4. The reminder that things in this world are fleeting and not important. Lost something this week that I considered really important and was really anticipating using. The Lord has been reminding me this week that although it is sad, it ultimately doesn’t matter, as He is better and more important than anything I hold close here on earth.

5. Having fun during the radio show yesterday! Doug and I had a great time answering the questions, and I discovered that I love radio. Hmmm…new career maybe? Just Kidding. It was so encouraging to be able to share exactly who we are and what we do, and more importantly who Jesus is and why He is important for a radio show that will be heard by 20,000 ish people. Yes, not just 3 people. We found out after the recording (thank Jesus) that over 20,000 people listen to this show. At 5:30 Sunday mornings. Praise the Lord, and may His great name be glorified!!

The picture is a little blurry, but here are Doug and I at our Mics yesterday!


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