I’m Famous!

Well, not really.

But, Doug and I were asked to join WIBC 93.1FM Radio here in Indy tomorrow from 2-2:30 to record a session for a program called “Spotlight Indianapolis”! We will be sharing about Campus Crusade for Christ, Conferences and Events, as well as our ministry in the Great Lakes region and on campuses in Indiana. We were sent a list of potential questions to be ready to answer, so we are prepping today and tomorrow morning!

The only bummer is that the show is set to air on Sunday morning…at 5:30. Yep, 5:30AM. So, we will be famous to the three people awake and on the road, and desperate for something to keep them awake.

We need to be appropriately funny, to keep that 5:30 am crowd awake and engaged, but not act like we are trying to hard. Haha. J/K.

But really, maybe one of them has never heard about Jesus, and this will be their opportunity to hear the gospel! Hooray! So, for that one potential person, it is worth it.

Pray that we speak well, and represent the organization rightly, and have fun in the process!


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