Back from Africa!

My plane landed back in Indy on Saturday night, and since then I have spent a lot of time sleeping and in the restroom, as my stomach decided it didn’t like something I gave it at some point during the latter part of the week. My bed has remained unmade for two days. I left my apartment one time to go to the grocery store, which coincided with the only time I have put on real clothes.

This afternoon, though, I began to feel back to normal a bit. I unpacked, did a load of laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned out my work inbox in preparation for going back tomorrow, and tidied up my apartment.

There is much I am still processing through from my week in Benin, and I will be writing several posts in the coming days/weeks. We had a slight miscommunication during the trip, and all of my photos are currently on the laptop still in Benin with the rest of the team, so I will probably wait for those to begin my reflections.

But know this, we serve an awesome God who does amazing things in the lives of people, and it was a blessing to be a small part of seeing over 50 men and women put their trust in Jesus during the past 8 days!! So many great stories that I look forward to sharing with you!

P.S. for dinner tonight, I made white cheddar mac n’ cheese. The box said that you can substitute yogurt for the milk, and since I had the former and not the latter I decided to try it…let me just say, it doesn’t work with Greek Yogurt. The result was thick, yogurt tasting macaroni, with no hint of white cheddar. Sadness. Good to know for next time though!



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