Thankful Thursday: March 1st

What a great way to start a brand new month! Today, thankful for these 5 things:

1. Africa!! When I woke up this morning I was hit smack in the face with God’s grace as I thought about leaving today for Benin. It has been 5.5 years since I was last on that great continent, and I have been praying for an opportunity to go back ever since. I do not deserve to have this prayer answered, and yet in His grace and mercy He opened a door for me to return. Humbled, thankful, and excited to be there for whatever He has in store for this week!

2. Five men in the application process for Berlin! Praying for 5 more to start an application this week.

3. New glasses! On my way to pick them up right now, just in time to leave…

4. Rides to the airport. Thankful for Sarah and Thao’s willingness to take time out of their days to take me to the airport and pick me up when I return. They are a blessing!

5. Travel size amenities. Since I am only going to be in country 7 days, I decided that I would just take a carry-on and backpack for this trip. No checked bag though means 3 oz or less for all my toiletries. Eek! But, I did it!! And my carry-on even has some room left over. I am going to take a picture, because this has NEVER happened before, and may never happen again. Although one of my life goals is to learn how to pack light, so maybe this is a first baby step in that direction…


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