Did you know?

In the midst of one of America’s biggest and craziest events of the year, the largest single sex-trafficking event is taking place. Every year the Super Bowl sadly brings along with it a dark side of pleasure for profit. As people are cheering for their team and enjoying the food, shows, music, games and activities, young girls and women are being bought and sold behind the scenes. It is heartbreaking, but here in Indy it is also being fought against. Can you be proud of your city? I don’t know, but I am proud of the way the people of Indy have stepped up to the plate on this one. The city lawmakers knew it was coming, and they have taken measures to prevent it. Other groups, as well, have joined the fight in ending this awful practice that goes on unnoticed by the general population every year.

I read this great article the other day that shares some of the ways that Indianapolis and groups of people are standing together to provide a way out for trapped women. As we enjoy the game and events this weekend, my heart has been burdened to pray for this whole situation to be shut down. Will you join me this weekend in praying for these women and those who are selling them? Pray that the light of Christ would shine forth, that the women and girls will be rescued and helped, that the men in control will be caught and stopped.


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