Road Trip: The End.

Well, my time in the south is coming to a close, and tonight is my last night in Beaufort. Tomorrow morning I will be at CBC Savannah, enjoying all three services and hopefully getting to meet a ton of new people! After that I’m headed to Knoxville and then on back to Indy on Monday. The best part about these days in the south isn’t the great weather or good memories or beautiful places, although those were definitely highlights! No, the best part is the time spent deepening friendships, sharpening one another and catching up on life. The phone suffices when distance comes between friends, but it cannot capture or replace what happens when sitting face to face over a cup of coffee, sharing your heart and life with another person. So grateful for this time, and these faces that make up the fabric of this mosaic that God has given as my life.

The Chocolate of my favorite spots in the world! My first grade teacher works here now and sometimes I get to see her. It's not a real visit to Beaufort without a stop at the chocolate tree.













One of my dream homes in Beaufort. It's for sale....











Beaufort Downtown Waterfront - with the bridge open!















Ran into Alex and Irina at Common Ground coffee shop! What a delightful surprise and so great to catch up with them! Love them!!












Beautiful Huspa Plantation












Had the joy and privilege of spending half a day with the lovely Mrs Marlit! Such a delightful friend - I love any time I get to spend with her!













Hanging out downtown this afternoon with Chandra and her new puppy Charlie!












One thought on “Road Trip: The End.

  1. Emily dear,
    I have revisited our visit several times and have come to the conclusion that we must make it, at least, an annual thing, donchathink! It was grand getting to be with you, too, sweet Emily! Have a safe trip home tomorrow.

    I love you.
    Ms M

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