Thankful Thursday: January 26th

Thankful today for…

1. The weather right now. This is unusual January weather even for South Carolina, and I am thoroughly enjoying these days of 70 degrees and sunshine. I went for a run yesterday in shorts and a t-shirt! What? Awesome.

2. The Holy Spirit, and His ability to close my mouth when it is most glorifying to God that I remain silent, and then also give me the words to say when truth needs to be spoken.

3. Learning new things all the time!

4. A second home. I love being at the Fowler’s house – I am just as comfortable and “at home” here as I am when I am home with my parents. Such a blessing to have great friends we have known for almost 20 years!

5. Almost being home! I’ve been home a total of 10 days since the first week of November, so as much as I have loved this time traveling and seeing dear friends, I am also very ready to be at home for more than 3 consecutive nights.


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