Road Trip: Days 1&2

I decided on my drive down south that I was going to post one picture each day of this trip on here. Well, day two is now coming very swiftly to a close and this is the first time I have been able to sit down to my computer (with internet) and post anything! So, the first two days in one post, and hopefully one each day after. The last two days were in Asheville, NC, visiting with my dear friend and second mom Carol Ann Walter. 🙂

These pictures over the next few weeks are highlights of the places and people that make this trip sooooo worth the drive and effort:

The Cove - it used to be a summer camp, and Maggie and I came here twice when we were younger. Such fun memories! Miss Carol Ann lives just around the corner and up a mountain!


Miss Carol Ann and I at lunch today. Haven't seen her in over a year....loved getting to spend a few days together in the mountains of Asheville!















Continued my trek today from Asheville down to Aiken, and tomorrow I will be speaking to the congregation at Community Bible Church Aiken. Excited to update them on all that the Lord is doing in our ministry! Ahhh…it is good to be home in the south again, that is for sure.


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