Thankful Thursday: December 8th

Thankful today…

1) That Matt is home!! Monday was a lovely and special day for our family as we reunited, laughed, hugged and enjoyed one another. The long dark night is over, and we are all very thankful.

All together again!










2) For my ministry partners! I am back in DC for the week, and it has been fun seeing and catching up with a few of my team. It is a constant reminder of what a blessing it is to serve together with this group of people.

3) For my mom’s cooking 🙂

4) For the commissary! One of the things I miss most about my military ID card is the discounted prices on groceries. Mom and I went yesterday and I stocked up on some non-perishables to take back to Indy, and I was just amazed at some of the deals. I forgot how awesome it is to shop on base.

5) For the Advent season, and the opportunity to reflect on what it means to wait on something – in this case the birth of our glorious Messiah. Living in a culture where we expect things to happen yesterday, it is a strange thing to think of waiting, yet something the Lord often calls us to do. What is He asking you to wait for right now?


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