Two Awesome Pictures

1. Each year the Ops team creates an ad for our winter conference program that parodies the office. See this year’s winning photo here. I am really excited to see the final result in a few weeks!! Ben was such a good sport at being tied up and tortured. Best boss ever!

2. At the ReJuvenate Marketplace Conference out in San Jose’, California a few weeks ago, the closing concert band was Jars of Clay. They have been my favorite band since I was 9 – I love their music and their down to earth genuine-ness. I have yet to find songs by any other group that match the depth and beauty of theirs, which is just fine by me. Well, while there I got to meet them and get a picture with them. Oh. My. Goodness. I was so happy! Loved meeting them in person, and then that night got front row seats to the concert! Joy abounds.

Picture taken by Chris, the conference photographer!

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