Thankful Thursday: December 1st

Thankful today for these 5 things….

1) My heating pad. I know that was on last weeks’ list too….I’m doubly thankful for it I suppose, especially at this time of year.

2) Christmas!! And having my mom in town this year to help me decorate!! 🙂

Me and mom trimming the tree!










3) That in just 4 days I will be hugging my brother for the first time in almost 2 years

4) For a dad who takes care of all the apartment-y and car maintenance things for me when he comes to visit! Thankful for a winterized patio, outdoor Christmas lights and organized and protected patio furniture. Thanks dad!

5) Being able to laugh at work/my team/having an awesome job. Each year we create an “Office Ops Team” recruiting ad for the program at IndyCC, and the picture we took today for this year completely takes the cake. Epic, even. Just wait until the final product is revealed in the next few weeks.  Here is a glance at the remnants of when we were done and starting to clean up:

"Have fun at work...or else!"

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: December 1st

  1. A pleasure to be of service to you Baby Doll! Thanks for inviting us for Thanksgiving – we had a great time! Love you, Dad & Mom

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