Thankful Thursday: November 24th

My parents are visiting me in Indy this week, and I asked them to help me out with my weekly Thankful Thursday post.  In honor of Thanksgiving today we have compiled a list of 100 things we are thankful for:

  1. Jesus (He has to be first, all others are in no particular order)
  2. Books
  3. The Word, and its ability to speak into every area of life
  4. Sanctification, even the painful parts
  5. Dark Chocolate
  6. The privilege of maintaining a home
  7. Hosting others in my home
  8. Starbucks
  9. Family
  10. World Traveling
  11. Time off
  12. Fresh Flowers
  13. Hot Chocolate
  14. Snow
  15. Christmas!!!! The best holiday EVER!!!
  16. Wisdom
  17. Coasters
  18. Good food
  19. Digital Cameras
  20. No more headaches!
  21. Beauty
  22. My bed
  23. Friends around the world
  24. The Faithfulness of the Lord
  25. Reconciliation and Redemption, and seeing both at work this year in the life of my family
  26. Grannie and Grandpa’s cabin in Strawberry, AZ
  27. DVR
  28. Guest rooms
  29. Tea, hot or cold, sweet or unsweet, love it all
  30. Laughter
  31. Road Maps/GPS systems
  32. Spending Thanksgiving with Emily (mom)
  33. Our immediate family will be together this Christmas
  34. Holiday Traditions
  35. Sweet memories that come with those traditions
  36. Museums
  37. Hospitality
  38. My sweet, godly, loving husband of 31.5 years (mom)
  39. The opportunity to experience other cultures
  40. The ability and blessing to give Bibles and Jesus Calling devotionals into the hands and lives of almost 150 inmates at Riverside Regional Jail
  41. Technology that functions the way it is supposed to, and patience when it doesn’t
  42. Peace that passes all understanding, and for El Rapha, the God who sees
  43. God’s abundant provision that is greater than anything we could ask or imagine
  44. Enjoying the work God has given us to do (Job satisfaction)
  45. Physical Therapy, and being able to take care of pain naturally, without lots of meds
  46. Being able to see and enjoy God’s creation around the world
  47. Scrapbooks
  48. Real mail arriving in the mailbox
  49. Unique and beautiful tea cups
  50. Blankets to keep warm under
  51. Heating Pads
  52. Airplanes
  53. Imagination
  54. Living in Berlin for 2 years
  55. Recycling
  56. The ability to change (by the power of the Holy Spirit)
  57. Prayer
  58. Journaling
  59. Things that smell good
  60. Hot showers
  61. God’s grace and great provision over the past 20 months for our family
  62. That I get to live on a lake
  63. God’s desire to treat the root issue, not just make it pretty on the outside
  64. Grace
  65. Connecting with God through nature/His creation
  66. Copy machines. Seriously.
  67. Friends who love me/us enough to speak truth into my/our life
  68. My home
  69. Ministry partners, and the joy it is to be in this mission together
  70. Lamps, flashlights, light bulbs, etc
  71. Having a job
  72. iPhones
  73. A wife who is a travel agent and takes me to Fiji with her J
  74. Good pillows
  75. Education
  76. Children who love God (dad)
  77. A wife who is committed to Christ first and me second
  78. Vehicles (older ones) with no major maintenance problems
  79. A good work environment
  80. Freedom
  81. Mexican food
  82. The internet (sometimes)
  83. Rain
  84. New starts and fresh beginnings
  85. Wonderful & friendly neighbors
  86. Pastors who preach the gospel and accurately handle the Word of Truth
  87. Kleenex with lotion
  88. God gave someone the intelligence to figure out how to fly
  89. Crying is a great stress reliever
  90. Stuffed animals don’t require maintenance
  91. Comfy couches
  92. Fuzzy socks
  93. A home in a great neighborhood
  94. Children’s laughter
  95. Photographs to capture the memories
  96. Mother/Daughter Tea Time Outings
  97. Scarves
  98. Smiles
  99. Fall leaves (and college boys to come and rake them up)
  100. The power of the gospel to change lives


What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Praying you have a restful and enjoyable holiday today wherever you are!

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