Thankful Thursday: November 17th

Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio! I arrived last night for our annual Staff Conference, and find much to be thankful for….

*A New Environment – we’ve had staff conference at the same hotel in Indy for the past several years, and I am thankful this year that in our need for a new hotel, the Lord provided above and beyond anything we could have asked or imagined. The Great Wolf Lodge is beautiful, and I pray that it will be a restful, rejuvenating retreat for our staff, interns and kids this weekend.

*Peace that passes understanding – my computer decided that yesterday morning would be a good time to crash and burn, right before going to print about 300 pages worth of childcare data and information for this weekend. It is dead and gone for good, and in the moment when I realized that my beloved macbook had indeed crashed, I realized that the Sovereign Lord had allowed this to happen and chose to trust Him in it. Now, my natural inclination would be to completely freak out and make havoc out of trying to get everything done somehow, so this is all the work of the Holy Spirit. Yay for growth and sanctification!

*Mozy – In light of my computer crashing, one thing that helped me not freak out was knowing that every file on my computer is stored at, so pretty much everything can be replaced when my new computer arrives next week (in case you are wondering, I’m using a spare work computer at the moment). I am thankful for making this investment two years ago, and am glad that it is paying off!

*Gabi – my next door neighbor, who has turned out to be one of the most amazing and hospitable people I have ever met. She is so fun, and is becoming a friend! On Tuesday she let me throw in a load of laundry in her machine, and then we hung out and watched NCIS together. It’s the little things!

*Only 17 days to go until December 5th! That is so crazy – this last month is flying by. It is hard to believe that Matt is almost home…what a wonderful day that is going to be!

*Family – I was in California last week for a conference, and got to stay a few extra days and see my Aunt and Uncle, Cousin and her family. It was such a blessing to spend some time with them, and to get to meet my cousin’s husband for the first time. They are all so fun, and I loved being together, even for a short time.

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