Thankful Thursday: October 27th

Another week come and gone, and more still to be thankful for.

1. The best Day with the Lord so far this year. Prayer at the office, then a couple hours at my favorite coffee spot in Broad Ripple, lunch at Qdoba, and then the rain stopped and the sun actually appeared and I spent an hour walking on the Monon Trail, praying and praising the Lord. So lovely.

2. Days with the Lord as part of my job. My friend Greg called today, and when I told him what I was doing, he asked if I had taken a day off work. It made me realize how strange it is that I get paid to spend one workday a month with Jesus. Sometimes I get complacent, forgetting what a blessing and privilege it is. When I do remember, it reminds me to steward those hours well, using them to deepen and enrich my relationship with Christ.

3. 38 days and a wakeup left to go until December 5th! It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

4. Only one spot left to fill until I have a fully-staffed childcare for fall staff conference in three weeks. Praise the Lord.

5. Some exciting news that I will hopefully be able to share soon…..!!! 😉

6. God’s passion for our holiness and sanctification!

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