Thankful Thursday: October 20th

*Wisdom. The book of Proverbs is full of verses on the outcome of wisdom vs. foolishness, and I am thankful for the Holy Spirit in my life helping me make wise decisions instead of foolish ones.

*Fall! Went on a little adventure this weekend to Brown County with a group of girlfriends from Cru. We drove on almost all back roads and just enjoyed the leaves, crisp air and fall fun all the way to Nashville (Indiana, not Tennessee!). Nashville was bustling with people, and we eagerly joined in the throng enjoying the perfect weather, good food and unique little shops. After that we headed up through back roads again to Anderson Apple Orchard. Our goal was to pick some apples, but unfortunately all the apples were gone by the time we got there. 😦 We still managed to have a blast though – taking lots of pictures in the orchard, buying apples, and lots of other fabulous fall things.

My street in Nashville, IN 🙂
First try, self-timer, awesomeness!














*Children! Fall Staff Conference is coming up quickly again……and as of right now there are a whopping 150 children signed up for childcare!! It just keeps going! And as I love to say, our staff are just so good at procreating. 😉

*Apple cider. So. Delicous.

*Rain. We’ve had 3 steady days, and I’m choosing to be thankful for the good things it is bringing to our area instead of grumbling about how everything is wet and gray all the time. There is a beauty and calmness to the kind of rain we’ve had though, that is quite lovely.

*Redemption! I never thought I would say this, but I love getting letters from jail. One of the friends that my brother made in the first few months he was locked up, and over time my family has kind of adopted him. It is so neat hearing from him how God is at work in his life. Hopefully I will get to meet him someday in person!

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