Thankful Thursday: October 13th

We have now entered warp speed. I am going to wake up and it will be February. Not even joking.

However, in the meantime, as the days rush past with frightening speed, I will hopefully remember on Thursdays to be thankful on here. 🙂

Thankful today for….

1. Being challenged out of complacency when it comes to my faith. Being asked tough questions and dialoguing in such a way that it takes me back to the Word to find the answers, not just what I learned in sunday school or from culture or my family or Campus Crusade for Christ.

2. The cross.

3. Rain! I love rain. I love the freshness it brings, the smell it leaves behind, the sound of it against window panes and roofs, everything.

4. Only 51 more days!!!!!

5. The breadth of the gospel and the infinite means God uses to bring it to places and people in darkness. I had dinner tonight with a group from my church, and heard from one of our missionaries serving in Southeast Asia. It was such a joy to hear about what the Lord is doing in that part of the world!

6. My church – love those people!

7. The Word. We are so spoiled here in the states, and in much of the first world. We have no idea what a treasure we have – it is nothing for us to pick up a Bible in our own language and read it. I am thankful for the reminder that there are still people in the world who have no access as of yet to scripture in their native tongue, and that this Word is something to be treasured as a rare pearl.

8. My journal collection. Although not always a pretty story, I am thankful that I began journaling years ago, and can look back and see just how far the Lord has brought me. It is easy at times to forget who I used to be, and all that He has done in my life to this point.

9. Provision. I am in the process of asking a few new families to join my ministry team, which is one of my favorite parts of my job! The Lord is so faithful in providing for each of my needs, and I love getting to partner together with people in declaring Christ crucified, risen and reigning to the nations.


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