A Cupcake Crawl Adventure with Amanda

For my birthday, Amanda decided to take me on a cupcake crawl through Broad Ripple. We went to 3 cupcakeries and indulged ourselves in pure deliciousness. For 2 hours we chose to forget that anything else was happening in our lives, and just enjoyed our time together talking, laughing (a lot, as usual), and eating cupcakes. It was a fantastic.

Thanks Manders, for a delightful and lovely birthday afternoon adventure! I love you friend and am SO glad you are in Indy!!!!

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking….

Starting off the crawl at Parcha Sweets, score card in hand!
Cupcake #1: S'mores.....and we definitely wanted S'more after that!!
First bite! (don't worry, we only did this once)
S'more Scores
Cupcake #2 at SweeTies Gourmet Treats: Sweet Potato
SweeTies scores....not our favorite, but still tasty
Stop #3 - It's no cupcake crawl without The Flying Cupcake!
Pumpkin Spice!







































We had two this time because Kim joined in the fun!
All done....the finished scorecard, empty plates, and very happy tummys. 🙂











At the end of the adventure!









3 thoughts on “A Cupcake Crawl Adventure with Amanda

  1. Yummm…what a fun birthday celebration! I have to agree without even tasting that my pick would be the pumpkin spice! I love fall and all things pumpkin!
    Thanking the Lord for sweet girlfriends! So glad He moved Amanda there close to you!
    Love you,

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