IndyCC Preview Weekend, Take 2

Here we go again!

[This post was started on Saturday….and not finished until now] Year 2 is off to a great start. We are here at the brand new JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis, checking out the hotel and planning for our upcoming IndyCC. A group of staff and students from our campuses around the region have come together for a 2-day event of prepping, testing, planning and vision casting.

Let me just tell you. This hotel is sweet. Our room is on the 20th floor, facing the city. The beds are comfy, the elevators fast and quiet, the views incredible, the decor beautiful.

But that’s not really why we are here.

We are here to figure out the best way to proclaim Christ, lift up the students’ eyes to see Him clearly and provide an atmosphere where people will be drawn closer to Jesus during the 5 days of the conference.

Being here gets me is so excited for IndyCC this year. For the first time ever we will be under one roof!!! That’s right. For the past 15-ish years we have been split between 2 hotels, with our meetings in the adjoining convention center. This year we have moved to the biggest JW hotel in the world, right here in Indy!! With a ballroom that seats 4500 people, we have lots of room to grow in the coming years, and everyone will be staying in the same hotel. Pretty sweet deal.

We worked out the numbers while we were there, and figured out something pretty incredible. The 5-day conference costs $199, including the nights at the JW Marriott, a 5 star hotel. If you were to go to the same hotel, at the same time we will be there (12/27-1/1), with 4 people per room, it would cost a whopping $350 PER PERSON, just for the hotel!! That doesn’t even include the actual program cost for the conference!! So, it is amazing that the Lord has provided this place for us, and for a price that students (and staff too!) can afford! We are excited to see all He has planned for the students and staff who come to IndyCC this year!

Here are a couple photos from the weekend:

Conference Team Ladies!
The Conference Team and IndyCC Design Team in front of our new main ballroom!!

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