Thankful Thursday: September 15th

Thankful on this Thursday for….

1. My grandparents! I arrived home yesterday to find them hanging out in the rocking chairs on my back porch. (I did know they were coming, but it was still fun to walk in and see them sitting back there). They are passing through on their way back to AZ after two months exploring Newfoundland with an Airstream Caravan, and it was delightful to spend some one-on-one time with them and have them stay the night with me. They were so adventurous – even slept in my double bed that is almost as tall as I am! We had fun, and I even got to hear Grandpa’s story of how/when he gave his life to Christ. Love the legacy they are leaving

2. Modern Medicine. The joy of my grandparents visit was followed shortly by the news that I had to have a molar removed. Immediately. I was at the dentist for throbbing pain in my lower right jaw yesterday morning, and the next thing I know she is sending me around the corner to an oral surgeon to have the tooth pulled. It all seemed so quick, I almost didn’t have time to think about it. But, I am thankful for Novocaine and that the problem was able to be taken care of quickly.

3. Ministry Partners. I love my team of people the Lord has raised up to join with me in ministry. I think of the sacrifices that many of them make to be on my team, and their faithfulness and generosity in giving and praying for our ministry. One of my favorite aspects of being on staff is that we raise support – I never feel alone in this, because I know there is a team of people in it with me. I also love knowing that their gifts and prayers are an investment in eternity, and will have an impact far greater than we could ever imagine, and one we will probably only fully understand once we are with Christ.

4. Wisdom. Even though all of my wisdom teeth are gone 😉 (and now one of my 12 yr old molars too!), I love knowing that I can always go before the Throne of grace and He has promised to give Wisdom and grace and mercy when we ask.

5. Rest. I wasn’t kidding in my previous post of lessons learned that there are times when the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep. I am so thankful for times of rest, whether it is a night, a moment, or a season. Sleep is often the remedy for bad attitudes, anxiousness, worrying, anger, confusion, sadness, etc…(which should of course be closely followed by a small bit of dark chocolate). So good for the soul. This is something I don’t do naturally, but it is also something I am learning to do better than before. I used to feel guilty for taking time to rest, but as I have realized more and more it’s necessity, I have learned to give grace and allow myself the freedom to rest.

6. My guest room/office space! In the past two weeks, including tonight, I have had 4 overnight guests. I am so thankful to be able to use my home as a place for people to stay when needed. Whether it is for a couple weeks in between apartments, parental visits for the holidays, or overnights for out-of-towners, I love being able to host people, feed them and care for them!


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