Today I have experienced several firsts:

– First time forgetting my own cell phone number

– First time falling asleep while sitting in the dentist chair waiting for the dentist

– First time being told to go straight to an oral surgeon to have the offending tooth pulled, no passing go or collecting $200

– First time screaming at the surgeon’s office (that Novocaine shot HURT!)

– First time using a tea bag to get the blood to slow down in my mouth after having said tooth pulled today

– First time gagging on a tea bag. ( I do not recommend the tea bag method. Hopefully drinking a cup of tea will have the same effect…

Not how I thought my day was going to go, but the Lord helped me roll with the punches. I am now ensconced on my couch, resting and trying to relax. Thankful for extra strength tylenol and warm tea.


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