26: Life Goals

Emily’s 26 Life Goals:

1. Learn to play the piano

2. Jump out of an airplane (with a parachute, of course!)

3. Read the Lord of the Rings series

4. Swim in every major body of water on earth (Done: Atlantic, Pacific, & Indian Oceans, Mediterranean & Caribbean Seas, Gulf of Mexico)

5. Live overseas again

6. Work with orphans

7. Grow a vegetable garden

8. Write a book

9. Learn Greek and Hebrew

10. Memorize Romans (started this week!)

11. Fly an airplane

12. Run a half-marathon

13. Talk less, listen more

14. Visit every continent at least once (Only 2 more to go! Well, 3 if you include Antarctica)

15. Learn the art of packing light

16. Keep up with old friends better

17. Master the charcoal grill

18. Sail a boat somewhere fun and exotic

19. Be on Cash Cab

20. Continue sending real letters/notes to people

21. Sing in public

22. Learn how stocks work (unlikely)

23. Invent something

24. Go to Israel

25. Read the collected works of Alexandre Dumas

26. Find something everyday to be thankful for


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