Thankful Thursday: August 18th

Two things real quick: 1. How is it already Thursday again? Wasn’t it just Thursday yesterday? and 2. I started typing “July” for the date, and yet it is over halfway through August already. Mmmmmk. We’re good. I blame it on waking up at 5:30 yesterday. **Editors note: obviously I was so tired I couldn’t even type the right date once I got the month down. Maybe we’re not as good as I thought……**

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Things I am thankful for on this fine Thursday:

1. Telephones. Really, as much as I dislike talking on the phone, Alexander Graham Bell struck gold when he came up with that idea. Literally changed the world. Although sometimes I wish we still wrote letters instead of talking on the phone. That would be great.

2. Wildflowers. The Zinnias in my garden area are taking over the world one bloom at a time. I have filled 5 vases over the past few weeks, and each time I cut a bloom it seems like 3 grow back in their place! They are beautiful and add so much color to my patio. Plus, they do a great job covering up my ugly air conditioner. Sweet.

3. Prayer. Do you ever stop and think about how amazing it is that we can talk directly to the God of the universe? And that He hears us? And that He answers us??? That is stunning. I’ve been thinking about that as I have had the privilege of going before the throne of grace these past few days praying for dear friends, and am just in awe that He tore the veil in two, allowing us direct access to the holy of holies, and now speaks directly to us. Wow.

4. The Holy Spirit. Conviction of sin by this oft misunderstood and mysterious member of the trinity is rarely pleasant, but there is a sweetness to it, bringing the hope of change and the promise that we are no longer dead in our sin and unaware of our shortcomings before a holy God, but rather alive in Christ, who has made us new and is actively changing us to reflect Him more and more. Now that is a hope I can hold on to!

5. Kiddos. I got to hang out last night with my buddy Asher, who is 2.5 years old. He is precious, and we had a great time together. Some of my favorite moments were him pretending to be a squirrel while eating dinner and using the grapes as acorns, him telling me that we could go “the long way” on our walk around the block, and jumping over every patch of grass growing in the cracks of the sidewalk. So fun.

6. Being a morning person again. I am attempting to go to a cycling (spinning) class at my gym on mondays, wednesdays and fridays before work. The class starts at 6:15, which means that I have to get up at 5:30 to get ready and get there in time. 6 months ago, there is no way on earth I would have been able to pull myself out of bed to get there. No way Jose’. But now I wake up fine! I am LOVING being awake in the mornings again, minus headaches and not wanting to crawl back into bed and stay there forever. I LOVE having energy and making it through a whole day (even though I do still find myself getting tired earlier than I used to and needing more sleep, which means that the nights before I go work out, I need to be in bed by 10:00). So, while I am loving it, we will see how long the gym thing lasts. It may just turn in to me getting up at a reasonable hour of the morning (like 6:30) and still getting to enjoy some time before work begins.

7. The people I work with. They are so much fun! I love that the majority of people in the office are engaging and interactive with one another. It is also quite incredible to me how sometimes the higher the number of people in the office, the lower the amount of work is that actually gets accomplished. Now you know why sometimes I like getting in early. Those can be the most productive hours of the day! But more people also means more fun, so it all seems to balance out in the end.

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