Thankful Thursday: August 10th

Thankful on this Thursday for…

1) My dad. He celebrated his (53rd) birthday on Tuesday!! I am so thankful for his strong walk with the Lord, the way he leads our family, the way he loves people and sets an example for me in that area, his leadership, the reputation he has for being kind, caring, honest, trustworthy, responsible and a good listener, and for how fun he is. He is the best! Love you dad! 🙂

2) New Neighbors. Do you remember my post a while back about the 2 sisters who lived next door to me? They were super-extra grace required people, and I struggled to love them on a daily basis, although I really did try. Well, they moved! I got back from Colorado, and they were gone! So, I started praying for my new neighbor, and who should move in but a lovely lady named Gabrielle. And get this – she’s German!!! She’s lived in the states for over 15 years, but when we first started chatting I was thinking to myself…man, she really sounds German. So, I asked, and she is. She is from southern Germany, and she said she would love to speak German together sometimes so I can keep up with it. Yay!

3) Friends getting married. I have four weddings to attend between now and December 10th. The first is happening this weekend down in Dallas, TX, where my dear friend Dan Ernst is marrying a lovely and beautiful girl named Amy. I am so excited for them, and thankful that I can be there to celebrate the beginning of this new family. Dan was a year behind me at CofC, and I got to know him through his involvement with Cru and then living next door to each other my Senior year. We had a lot of fun together in the three years we were both there – one of my favorite memories is probably watching the movie Tombstone with him and his three roommates, or maybe the road trip we took with a group up to Asheville, NC for the Cru preview weekend – so many fun memories. And as a bonus, I get to see several of my other dear friends from college! It will be like a mini-reunion!!

4) Amanda. We were STINT teammates my second year in Berlin, and she just moved to Indianapolis last weekend. I am so excited that she is here, and that we will get to see each other on a regular basis now!! I miss my Berlin teamies often, so it will be fun having one of them close by. We are off today exploring everything the Great Indiana State Fair has to offer – food, animals, rides, exhibits and more. This year, I just discovered today, the International Country being highlighted is Germany!! So fun!! They have German food and other cultural things to see and do – we will see if they match up to the real deal. 😉

5) Provision. Sometimes I get tempted to start worrying about my finances, but when I choose to trust God to provide, He always does. No matter what.

6) Summer! I am so loving the sunshine, long days, iced tea, being outside, and general happiness of people during this season. After a long winter that felt like it would never end, I am soaking up each day of this delightful summertime, knowing that another winter is on the way.


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: August 10th

  1. Love this post and the “smile” that just exudes from you as I read it. Let’s get together soon and go to Huddles!! 🙂

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