Day 2: Kansas is way cooler than everybody makes it out to be

It is!

This was my first time driving through Kansas, and before today I had always believed what people told me – that Kansas was flat and boring.

That is false. If you think Kansas is flat, you should try driving through Nebraska. Now that is a flat state, with nothing to do along the highway and nothing but corn to look at.

But Kansas! Oh, the hills, beautiful colors and rock formations, ponds, cows and horses, and yes lots of corn. But we found a few interesting things to do along the way.

Here are 2 stops we made:

Cathedral of the Plains (St. Fidelius Catholic Church), Victoria, KS

Cathedral of the Plains

Built from 1909-1911, the church is celebrating it’s 100th Birthday this year! When the church was erected, the entire town was German Catholic. Although Victoria only has around 25 houses, the 1100 seat church is about half full each Sunday with parishioners coming from miles around. Also notable, it is one of the 8 wonders of Kansas! (No, I am not kidding. Check it out for yourself here).

During our visit mom and I met several native Victorianites, busy ready-ing the church for it’s big birthday party. We learned lots about the history of the town and the cathedral (even though it isn’t really a Cathedral since it isn’t the seat of a Bishop), including the attached monastery! Definitely worth a 30 minute stop on your drive through Kansas!



Oz Winery – Downtown Wamego, KS

The Oz Winery

Mom and I kept seeing billboards for the “Oz Winery and Museum”, and we decided that since we had time (and we were in Kansas after all, Toto) we would take a slight detour and see what it was all about. SO FUN! Oh my. Once we arrived, we decided to visit the winery and leave the museum for another trip. Wamego is about 9 miles off I-70, and is the cutest little place ever. Definitely our favorite spot this trip so far. The main street looks straight out of the 1930’s – all limestone, beautiful architecture, just stuck out in the middle of a bunch of farms. But I digress. The Winery was just as cute as the little town!

Wine Labels - super cute!

Only 4 years old, the Oz Winery makes and bottles all varieties of wine on the premises. The vast majority of the grapes they use come from Kansas, and we loved being able to taste 8 of their wines for free! Their names are my favorite – some of them include Squished Witch, Yellow Brick Road, Behind the Curtain, Ruby Slippers, Drunken Munchkin, Poppy Fields, Lion’s Courage, Witch in a Ditch, Emerald City Lights, and more. So fun. The shop was colorful and had tons of fun things for sale. I love it because it is local and unique – makes for great gifts! Here is the website if you want to check it out for yourself. They even ship to almost anywhere! I recommend Squished Witch, Oil Can, Yellow Brick Road and Poppy Fields.





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