Road Trip

The past few weeks have been so crazy that my blogging seems to have gone out the window. Never fear, I am still here, and will be back to my regular blogging soon! Mom and I began our long trek back to Indiana today. We are taking our time to get there, stopping at the Cathedral on the Plains tomorrow in Victoria, KS (read: middle of nowhere-ville), then heading east to Grain Valley, MO, home of The Brass Armadillo, one of the largest Antique stores in the US. After that it is on to St. Louis for a trip up the famous Arch and other fun St. Louis-y type adventures we can find, and then finally on home to Indianapolis on Thursday.

So far, this is what we have seen:

– Corn

– Cows

– Cars

– Horses

– 1 Llama

– 1 Donkey

– Oasis on the Plains (a gas station with cheesy fake Palm trees, an antique shop above the convenience store, and a very small food court that also included a Starbucks. The name actually fit it quite well).

– 1 town (Hays, in which we are spending the night) since Colorado Springs (by our definition a “town” includes having more than 1 exit off the highway, at least 5 restaurants and 3 gas stations visible from the highway, and more than 2 stoplights)

Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to post pictures from Cathedral on the Plains! Yay road trips!!

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