Thankful Thursday: July 14th

Today I am thankful for….

1. The opportunity to learn German as a second language. I love german. Even though many people say it is a harsh language, to me it is beautiful. And practical – the grammar structure just makes sense (for the most part!).  It is such a fun language too, with words like Geschirrspülmaschine (dish washer) and Eichhörnchen (squirrel) and Schneeballschlag (snow ball fight) and Kopfkissen (pillow – literal translation is “head kisser” – this is one of my faves)! There are so many great words, and it is so logical. But even more than that, I just love knowing something more than English. It has long been a dream of mine to speak multiple languages, and I am thankful that I have been able to learn one through college and living in the country of Germany for two years!! As I have been listening to the STINT team leaders this week talk about their respective countries, it has made me miss living in Berlin and speaking German.

2. STINTers!! This week at our conference there are 67 team leaders, representing over 30 teams of STINTers (Short Term INTernational missionaries – what I did in Berlin), going to every occupied continent in the world to be beacons of light to a dark world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. How awesome is that!?!?

3. Dark Chocolate. And specifically european dark chocolate. I thought I had found a new American chocolate I like (Chocolove….yes, that’s really what it is called….and it is worthy of its name). And then I found out that it is Belgian. Oh well, my chocolate snobbery continues.

4. Memories. A few weeks ago I sent off over 450 pictures of the first 19 years of my life (when I got a digital camera) to be digitized by a great company called Scan Digital. They took great care of the pictures, and I have loved looking through them online and being able to print new copies of them. It is so fun having them all in digital format, especially some of the older ones that I can’t cut up for my scrapbook due to enjoying being alive (i.e. my mom might just kill me if I cut up all her original prints from 25 years ago. I’ll pass). 😉

Here are some fun ones:

My brother meeting me for the first time - September 1985 at the airport in Iwakuni, Japan. It was love at first sight.











Celebrating my Spiritual Birthday at Community Bible Church in Beaufort, SC in June 1993











Getting ready for my Senior Dance recital - my last time dancing (so far)














And my personal favorite……..

My first perm. I was slightly excited, in case you can't tell. Also, notice my pj's - I loved those pumpkin pj's and wore them almost every night for months and months and months.

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