Thankful Thursday: June 2nd

I am thankful that I remembered today is Thursday and to post my list for this week! 😉

So many things for which to give thanks…..

1. The men and women who have given their time, talents and for many their lives to serve our nation and protect our freedom. I started to write out the names of everyone I know who has served or is currently serving, but realized that my space would probably run out first and I would inadvertently leave someone off the list. It was such a blessing to grow up surrounded by the Marine Corps family, interacting daily with America’s Heroes.


Finding the leak!

The maintenance guys at my apartment complex. I am so thankful that they are prompt to answer my sometimes urgent phone calls, coming on a Sunday night to soak up my flooded living room and fix the leak in my wall. They are always respectful, friendly and efficient in their jobs. If I ever buy a house and I am still single, I’m pretty sure I will miss them.

Soaking up all the nasty water









3. For the lovely patches I get to wear during the month in between surgery and going to get my new eye made! They are all so cute and I have had a lot of fun planning outfits and trying them out. I have gotten so many suggestions to make a business out of this, but I would have to have a creative genius come and help me design them!!

All the pretty patches my lovely friends and I made!

4. Summer, sun and swimming pools

5. The Psalms. Pastor Mark is currently doing a ten week sermon series on the Psalms, and so far it is awesome. I love how rich and real they are – speaking directly to the emotions rather than to our mind. I also love the reminder they serve that God can handle any emotion I give Him, whether it is anger, or hurt, or loneliness, or doubt, or frustration, or joy, or celebration, or contentment, or trust, or concern, or a broken heart, or repentance or whatever the case may be. He is big enough, strong enough and faithful enough to take it and teach me through it. Wow.

6. Rest. These three weeks have been a delightful time for me!

7. Having my life back! No headaches for the past two weeks, my energy is up, exhaustion is down and God is so good! I feel renewed and ready to take on the world again.

8. God’s Sovereignty. Over and over these past few months He has reminded me that He is in control and has a plan, and that His plan is better than anything I could ever come up with. Hallelujah, and amen.

What are you thankful for today?


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: June 2nd

  1. I am thankful for a Godly and caring granddaughter, for doctors who take care of us and our Heavenly Father who reigns over all.
    Love you Em,

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