5 for 5

Well, I figured out my limit today. Mom and I went to the mall tonight for my first post-surgery outing, since I was hungry for a smoothie (well, really for anything that doesn’t require much chewing). It was delicious and we had a great time, and then during our quick stop for gas on the way home I hit a wall and knew that I was done in. So, home we came and down went the meds, and hopefully relief will soon follow.

To be honest I am kind of frustrated that I don’t feel better than I do by this point, but I now need to remember my prayer request that I will be patient and rest and let the healing take as long as it needs to!  Continued prayer for rest, energy and lessening of the pain so I don’t have to take meds quite as often would also be lovely. This conformer is driving me crazy, so pray too that I will be patient for the next 36 hours until it gets taken out (along with the stitches….then the fun with the patches can really begin!!)

Also, since it is day 5, I figured it would be fun to post 5 pictures from this week. For the faint of heart or stomach, I encourage you to stop reading now and go check out my cute patch picture that I just posted on facebook from our outing earlier today. 🙂

Getting prepped for surgery...check out the "YES" above my left eye and the big arrow on my cheek. I told them I was totally fine with whatever they wanted to do to make sure they worked on the correct eye!!
Wednesday morning - swelling and bruising still mostly confined to the left side at this point
Sleeping on day 3...swelling is beginning to drift over!
Ahhhh! Both eyes turning black now as gravity pulls everything over to the right side!
One last picture of both eyes nice and swollen and bruised. Looovely.

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