Day 2

Hi friends!

Emily here, reporting once again from the comfort of my couch. 🙂 First, thank you all SO much for your prayers, encouragement, comments, phone calls, text messages and facebook posts – you are a constant blessing and joy to me.

After writing my post yesterday, the pain got a little rough and the anesthesia decided it didn’t really like me anymore and it wanted out. So, up it came 3 times, sadly each time directly after taking my Vicodin. We switched to extra strength tylenol after the third time, and that stayed down much better. I was able to sleep through the night until about 6 this morning (praise the Lord!!), and then woke up with pain at about an 8, so I took another dose of Tylenol.

I have been munching on saltines and drinking lots of 7Up, gatorade, water and tea, and will be on that regimen again today. The doctor said that I will probably be able to start eating real food tomorrow, as long as I don’t throw up again. So far this morning I am feeling great, and took Vicodin about an hour and a half ago that has stayed down and is working hard to lower the pain level!! I am currently at about a 3 on a 1-10 scale, and praying it just keeps going down.

The main source of pain is that now that the numbness is wearing off, the implant is rubbing against the conformer they put in. The good news is that the pain means that the implant is moving, which is what we prayed for! The bad news is that it hurts the worst when I open my good eye, because the muscles attached to the implant are trying to track with my good eye, thus causing the rub.

The left side of my face is nice and swollen, and is turning lovely shades of puce, purple and dark red. The swelling pretty much covers the entire side – from my forehead all the way down to my mouth. I told my dad that I look like two-face this morning! Haha.

A couple prayer requests for today:

*That the nausea will stay calm and I won’t throw up anymore (if I throw up again, I won’t be allowed to take the Vicodin anymore, so this is a big one!)

*The swelling will begin to go down, which will also help with reducing the pain. Also that an infection will not develop. If it does, that would be very, very bad.

*For rest today and that I won’t overdo it.

*Praises: medicine is staying down, my implant is moving/tracking with my eye, no infection yet, slept through the night, and have a little more energy today!

Thanks everyone! Love you all and am so thankful for each one of you today. Will report again soon!




2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. I love that you used the word puce. And I am praying that you don’t throw up anymore.

  2. Glad things have gone well so far. We’ve been praying. 2 Chron 16:9 is a verse we like about God’s eyes. Surely when He spots the Franklins, He is pleased.

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