The End

Tonight I took off the little brown dress for the last time of the One Dress Campaign. This month literally flew by, and it is hard to believe it is already over! I am in New York City visiting with some of my Berlin STINT teammates for the weekend, and they asked me today what I have learned that I am taking away from this experience. It was delightful getting to process with these women I love what this month has been like and the things I have learned, and it mostly boiled down to two main thoughts.

One, and this one is pretty superficial, is that we are mostly concerned with ourselves and our own appearance more than we are with others. I wore the same dress for 30 days straight, and only one person clued in and asked me about it. One. With everyone else I either ended up telling them about the campaign, or they just never realized that I was wearing the same clothes every day. (or there may have been some who noticed but didn’t ask me about it!) It made me see that I care so much about my own appearance, but it really doesn’t matter. It made me realize how little we pay attention to those around us, and really how unimportant our wardrobe is in the grand scheme of things.

Two, although I am just one person, there is a fight going on and I can be involved in it. The facts about sex trafficking are staggering and can sometimes be overwhelming, but there are still ways to help. Prayer is a huge one. My times spent praying for these women and girls who are involved have been so sweet, and I have seen the Lord grow my heart for them and deepen my desire to love and serve them however I can. My understanding of the power of prayer is so limited, but I have learned that the more I pray the more strongly my heart is aligned with God and His will. Mind-bogglingly awesome. Being an advocate and spokesperson for these girls who do not have a voice is another way I can be a part of fighting against sex slavery. Becoming more aware of my surroundings and pursuing those who are lost and hurting, seeking to listen and love them as Christ does is something else I want to grow in.

Finally, the end of my One Dress Campaign does not mean the end of learning about this. I want to keep praying, reading, and being as involved in the fight as I can. Hopefully I can continue to be an advocate and continue learning new ways to love and serve both the slaves and those who have been rescued. Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


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