Thankful Thursday

I got this idea from my friend Tasha (who I mentioned in my last post). She does hers on Mondays, which is awesome. I love alliteration though, and today is Thursday, so I thought it would be fun to start a weekly thankful-for post.

So, without further ado, things I am thankful for this Thursday:

1. Getting to know this group of awesome Butler athletes, and grow in our walks with God together! I am going to miss them this summer!

Part of our weekly bible study group!

2. The privilege of praying for our world (and having it be part of my job!!)

The Operation World room during our day of prayer on Tuesday

3. My team (last picture, obviously…..I’m still trying to figure out wordpress, and how to get the post to look like how I type it. Grrrrrr)

Don't you want to come work with us???

4. Rest/down time

5. Our Friday morning training group (SO excited to see all the lovely ladies tomorrow – I’ll take a picture to post later, because they are all just so beautiful and precious)

6. God’s word being living and active and working continually in my life!

7. 2 more days of the One Dress Campaign!

8. Family dinner thursdays

9. Medicine that works, and fewer headaches

10. Tomi, Katie and Erin, and the weekend we are about to have in NYC!!! 🙂

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