Intern Kickoff Weekend, and the specialness of 17

We hosted the Great Lakes Intern Kickoff Weekend here in Indy the past three days, and it was so fun working together with my friend Lisa and our team to plan and run this training weekend! This is one of my favorite conferences (I feel like I say that for every conference……but really, I love this one a lot). On this same weekend in April four years ago I was sitting in a metal folding chair in Asheville, NC, surrounded by a host of fellow almost-graduates about to embark on a one-year Internship or STINT (overseas internship) with Campus Crusade for Christ. We all felt excitement over what God had in store for us, terror/apprehension/anticipation and sometimes even enthusiasm about graduating from college and developing our teams of ministry partners in 3 or 4 months, awe that we actually got to be a small part of expanding God’s Kingdom, and exhausted after listening to a weeks’ worth of details and information in 2 very short and full days.

Four years later all of those emotions and feelings are still true for our interns, and even for me. It is so exciting to sit in a room with 130 new Interns and STINTers and imagine the impact their lives are going to have on eternity this year!! It is fun listening to story after story of how God brought each person to take this step, especially from those who never imagined they would be doing this (I was one of those people 4.5 years ago). It is AMAZING to see the legacy of God’s provision in developing teams of ministry partners for missionaries all the way from the Apostle Paul to today, knowing that He can and will do it again for this new group of faithful disciples. I am still in awe that God allows us to be a part of His plan in taking the gospel to the world. And finally, I and they are also very exhausted after an intense weekend of vision, paperwork, ministry partner development training, team bonding, fun time and more vision.

Our theme verse this year was Habakkuk 1:5 “Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! For I am about to do something in your day you would not believe if you were told.” We are watching with great anticipation to see what our great God does to blow us away this year. Please pray for these 130 interns as they begin inviting others to join them in ministry and prepare for life after graduation!

And about 17. Today marks 17 days of wearing the little brown dress! I’m looking forward to posting more this week about what I am continuing to learn. It is also a special day because one month from today, I will be having eye surgery.  I wish I could be super cool and say that it would be my 17th surgery, but alas, that milestone has already come and gone.

A few photos from the weekend:

Meet Emily and Emily, two of the new Regional Office Interns! Its gonna be a fun year next year! 😉 Any suggestions for nicknames??
Taking a break from practicing their VACA presentation for a quick smile 🙂
Vision and Calling Albums (or VACAs) that we use when meeting with potential ministry partners!
More VACAs with some awesome staff!

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