Week 1 Thoughts

Has it really already been a week since I first put the dress on?? Time sure does fly.

My heart has been breaking more and more as I learn about human trafficking, and all that comes along with it – abuse, pornography, greed, shame, loss of dignity and and the slow fade of hope. And I wonder sometimes, can this really be part of God’s plan? All the hurt, the brokenness, the depravity, the pain and suffering? Is He really still in control, or has Satan managed to gain the upper hand?

This is what I know: I am not God (and I and the world say “thank goodness!!”). But I can know God by reading the timeless, living, True Word He gave us. And His word says that He is fully loving, fully just, completely deserving of glory and honor, and completely in control of every single aspect of the entire universe. He is perfect. His ways are not our ways (ie. if we were running the show, we would do it a lot differently, but it would probably turn out much worse in the end than His story does).

He sees all of the injustice that is happening around the world, and in the end He WILL hold those responsible accountable for their actions. He is a God of redemption, and He longs to redeem brokenness. His desire was perfection, but we screwed it all up. He requires perfection in His presence, and knowing that we could never provide a good enough sacrifice or become perfect on our own, He came. He came! God Himself came to earth as our perfect Rescuer, giving us HOPE of a future. HOPE of life eternal! HOPE of renewal, of redemption, of healing.

His plan will prevail, and He often uses ways/events that we deem unjust, confusing, hard, unfair, or even just unnecessary to bring His plan to pass. He sees our pain, and it breaks His heart that we as a people have chosen to rebel against Him. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that God often uses the hard things in our life for our ultimate good. Because that’s just how Great He is. He can take the broken and bleeding, and turn it in to a glorious masterpiece.

So, as I head to bed, I am praying for the girls around the world who don’t get to sleep tonight. For the broken, the used, the helpless and those without hope. I am praying that God will rescue them quickly, and that He in His greatness will turn their mourning into joy.

This song has spoken to my heart this week as I have been thinking about this issue and praying for these women. I hope it encourages you as well:


PS – sorry the video isn’t working on the page! You can click on the link though in the box and watch it on YouTube – I highly recommend it!


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