Little Brown Dress does DC

Here are some pictures from my time back in DC this week. It’s been a fun first few days with the dress, and I am excited to see what the Lord does in the coming days!

Giving a ministry update at Teammates, my parent's sunday school class
Fun with friends at a Creative Memories Party!!
Mom and I went downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms!
Little brown dress gets "artsy" 🙂
The Jefferson Monument is my favorite in DC, and I took this picture holding my camera out the window while mom was driving!!! LOVE it.


Also, my parents get the magazine “Citizen”, and I was so amazed that the headline for the April issue is “Pornography, Prostitution and the Trafficking of People”. Crazy how the Lord works! It is a fascinating, sobering, heartbreaking article on the growth of human trafficking around the world in recent years. They show the correlation between pornography and sex trafficking, and say that among trafficking victims “80 percent are women and girls, 50 percent are children, and 70 percent are forced into sexual servitude”. They also share that in 2001, human trafficking generated $19 billion annually. Imagine how much money is generated by this horrific trade 10 years later! And finally, the UN “claims that the trafficking of human beings has surpassed the drug trade to become the second largest source of money for organized crime, after the illegal arms trade”.

If you would like to read more, visit the Salvation Army’s Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking here.


One thought on “Little Brown Dress does DC

  1. Great pic out the window, Em. Blossoms are beautiful as always.
    LBD still looking good.

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