The Quest

I decided it was time for a little theme-switcheroo! Loving the new, hopefully easier to read, layout.

In my continuing quest to expand my view of God, I came across the video below on my friend’s blog. How very humbling. The worship of our Creator has many forms, and each of them is a sweet sound to the Lord.  Psalm 119:103 says “How sweet are your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” These people have tasted the sweetness of the Word, and their response is just beautiful.


2 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. We do so take God’s Word in our own language for granted. You could feel the joy of their hearts. Thanks for posting the video.
    Grannie I love you, Emily.

  2. hey friend! just found your blog through you mom’s update email. this is too cute! miss you lots but glad to hear you’re doing so well in Indy! love ya! )

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