Frozen in Time

The storehouses of snow and ice have been opened and poured out upon the mid-west this week, and since Monday night I have been iced in to my apartment. My car is covered in an inch of ice, and my backyard has been turned into a skating rink. I ventured outside this morning to get some pictures, and discovered that my entire backyard is frozen solid (literally). It is beautiful in an eerie way – to see the lake, the trees, light posts, fences and more all covered in ice and snow, and not a soul to be seen outside. Even the ducks disappeared somewhere (not that I blame them – who wants to be stuck outside in this weather!). And then, for a brief moment, the sun arrived, turning the gray world into one big shimmering diamond.

Not as it should wind chime from the Bahamas covered in ice!












Frozen in time










One of my rocking chairs












A view of the Lake covered in ice












And then the sun appeared! Very welcomed, if even just for a moment

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